Visible Mending with Sashiko and Boro (Class 2 of 2) - Sunday, March 3, 10am-12pm

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Are you interested in learning how to make your life more sustainable by fixing your favorite worn-out garments with Sashiko and Boro? Join me for the second part of my 2-part visible mending class! 
In this class we will learn visible mending with Boro using the Sashiko stitches and patches we learnt and created during Part I of this two-part workshop series.

For students who didn't attend the first part of this workshop series -
This is a class for anyone who is interested in learning about mending with Sashiko and Boro. We will dive right into the repair process and basic stitching knowledge [running stitch, marking the fabric] is recommended.

The focus will be on solutions to fix tears, holes and worn areas with the help of Sashiko and Boro rather than perfecting our Sashiko stitches.
What to expect in Part II -

  • Nicole will provide an introduction into the traditional Japanese patching technique Boro 
  • You will learn about typical areas that often require mending on pants and shirts and we will discuss ways to visibly repair them with exterior and interior patches 
  • We will repair and patch our garments hands-on using the techniques and the knowledge of sashiko we learnt throughout the 2-part workshop and Nicole will provide guidance where needed. 

What you will need to bring -

  • a garment or household item made of woven natural fabrics [like cotton or linen] that they will want to mend on their own during class 
  • fabric scraps for patches that should be of similar weight as the garment. 
  • your materials and tool kit from Part I if you attended [I will have a few extra kits available for purchase for those who didn't attend Part I at the discounted rate of $15]
  • measuring tape
  • fabric scissors
  • safety pins
  • ball pen
  • basting thread [I will bring some but in case you have it at home just bring it with you]


Nicole Kelly is a fiber artist who is known for creating minimal and timeless textile goods exclusively crafted from high-quality natural fibers. Her work explores ways of transcribing antique textile techniques into contemporary contexts.

While she holds a degree in international business, Nicole has a long history of working with fibers and textiles. She grew up in the Black Forest region of Southwest Germany, a region known for its intricately handmade traditional clothing and linens. At an early age she became interested in textiles and learned many of the techniques she uses to this day from her mother, supported by a school curriculum that included handicraft and applied arts. Once settled in California in 2008, she deepened her knowledge by studying fashion design and pattern making in San Francisco and attending two residencies at the fashion house Carla Fernández in Mexico City. 

Nicole has shown her work with the American Craft Council throughout the United States and at the Carla Fernàndez flagship store in Mexico City. She has worked with hand-selected retail stores in the US to create exclusive small-batch collections. Her large-scale felt sculptures are installed throughout the Napa Valley.

Nicole’s happy place is her studio. Together with her husband and their daughter they live and work in Napa, CA.