Wine Forest Sea Buckthorn Shrub

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This stuff is the real deal, and so delicious. Wine Forest foods has been promoting wild foraged mushrooms and natural foods since the early 80's- they are the oldest wild foods company in the U.S. and work with chefs like Thomas Keller, Michael Mina, Cory Lee, Traci De Jardins and so many more. 

The nearly forgotten colonial shrub elixir is back in a big way these days. Our Good Food Award - Winning Sea Buckthorn Shrub is filled with the bright flavors reminiscent of passionfruit and ripe cantaloupe melon. 

This delicious shrub/syrup makes a stunning, thirst-quenching soda pop, a stellar winter salad dressing ingredient, and always a secret weapon for making magical cocktails.  I often just go simple and pour this over French vanilla or even chocolate ice cream like a great aged balsamic vinegar.

Suggested Uses:

  • On a hot day, just pour one part Sea Buckthorn Shrub over ice and add 6 parts sparkling water.  You get bonus points for adding a shot of gin to this too.
  • Use as a mixer in cocktails and zero-proof mixed drinks.
  • This makes a refreshing addition to salad dressings.
  • Flavor your yogurt.
  • Dress fruit salad with this for a touch of sweetness and zest.

8.5 oz