Transparency in Pricing

It’s a commonly held belief that when you want to start a new thing, you’re to look at how other people have done that thing and use it as a model. The logic is there, but the problem is that you can miss the ideas that come from your own inner-knowing - possibly a completely new way of doing the thing. You may also miss what your gut is telling you when you unquestioningly follow the well-trodden path. It’s amazing what our physical bodies can tell us about what we sense around an idea or situation. And our inner-knowings feel that it’s lame to trick others for your own financial benefit. You can feel that one right in the pit of your stomach.

In the modeled way of doing things, to have a business is to coerce folks into buying your products. It’s to make them think - via advertising, design and color, or the fostered feeling of being part of something exclusive - that they need an item when they don’t. The definition of success is that a business is financially lucrative, no matter the means. But buying things you don’t need and cherish is, put simply, creating waste. And we’re in the business of the exact opposite. We also realize that things don’t have to operate that way. It’s honestly super off-putting, and we’re not interested in joining that party.

We don’t mark items up to mark them back down to give you a false rush that influences you to make a purchase. Everything at Juniper Station revolves around sustainability, including pricing. We believe you’re here because you want to be here, because you see something of yourselves in the products we offer. We carry the items we do because we are proud of them. Each product and brand we carry is put through a series of sieves. Does the item do its job well? Does it exist in harmony with the earth and its other species? Is it design forward? Essentially, is it worthy of our use? And once we’ve decided to stock it, we price it sustainability. Which means that we price it in a way that enables us to keep selling and you to keep buying the products you love.

We appreciate your choosing to engage with our mission to live sustainably, and to delve deeper into the way we do things. As consumers, we can make better decisions when we understand the brands and suppliers we interact with. And if ever you have a concern or question, please feel free to ask. We’re here for the conversation.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash