B&B Gardens Organic Herbs & Spices

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These organic herbs and spices are grown right here in Napa! 

Organic Herbs de Provence: savory, thyme, rosemary lavender and fennel

Organic Italian Seasoning: oregano, marjoram, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage

Organic Go-To Blend: kosher salt, black pepper (butchers grind), organic oregano, granulated garlic, chili flakes and dehydrated chopped onion

Organic Fermented chili salt: fermented chili mash (which is a bi-product of the hot sauce) and kosher salt

Organic "Rub": kosher salt, butcher's grind black pepper, brown sugar, granulated garlic, dehydrated chopped onion, chili flakes, paprika and marjoram

Organic Chili Flakes: chili flakes