Create Real Wellness Free Spirit Elixir

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Though there might be a time and place for a well-savored spirit, alcohol isn’t the ideal tool for relaxation & social ease when working to Create Real Wellness, nor is it required.

Many medicinal herbs have the same qualities that folks look for in alcohol while promoting health instead of depleting it!

This unique blend of grounding, chill-inducing, and adaptogenic herbs is extracted in vegetable glycerin making it an excellent alcohol-free alternative when reaching for a drink. These amazing plant allies help to ease tension & anxiety, soothe the nervous system, provide a little social lubrication, & relax muscles right away while supporting liver health, brain function, & reducing the negative impacts of stress when enjoyed over time!

It’s a great choice whether decompressing after a long day or hangin’ with friends. Simply add 1-2 tsp to your favorite mocktail ingredients and enjoy. 100% amazing. 0% alcohol!

Whether you are motivated to drink less alcohol, are completely sober, or just looking for fun, fabulous, & functional variety, Free Spirit Elixir was made for you.

No booze. Just benefits!