FLWR Napa Valley Solid Perfume

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Convenient to take along with you, this beautiful and refillable Solid Perfume is easy to apply throughout the day, whenever and wherever you desire.

Who I Am: Who I Am is a scent for stepping into the world as your whole self. Sumptuous white florals and citrusy overtones mingle with the resiny richness of Japanese cedarwood in this delightful, summery scent. Originally created as a beacon of empowerment, Who I Am is a celebration of those who wear it. Key notes include orange flower, Yakusugi wood, vetiver, and a hint of patchouli

The Ancients: An amber rose perfume made with botanicals that have been used since ancient times for ritual and pleasure. This scent celebrates the feminine strength within us all. Key notes include rose, myrrhlabdanumfrankincense, and sandalwood.

Rome: The scent of ephemeral love. Irresistible and alluring, Rome is the scent of a fleeting, yet unforgettable, love. The dichotomy of dry earth and fresh citrus combine to create an intoxicating, nature-based perfume that keeps you longing for more.TOP: Cedarwood, Lime MID: AraucariaMyrrh  BASE: Mitti Attar, Sandalwood, Vetiver