Organic Seaweed Seasoning

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Savory-meets-sea for a dash of pure umami that turns basic into unforgettable.

Deep, full flavor is calling thanks to nature's flavor elevator. Our nutrient-rich Organic West Coast Wakame seaweed adds a dash of salty, savory umami to every bite. We responsibly source our seaweed - the tender greens you love in miso soup, only grown closer to home on regenerative ocean farms in the cold, pristine waters of Alaska. Make every meal memorable with our Organic Seaweed Seasoning that adds a plant-based richness to your everyday plate.

HOW TO USE: Wake up any dish needing a savory "wow" factor. Sprinkle on veggies, soup, avocado, and popcorn. Add to smoothies, breads, and salad dressing.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Wakame Seaweed (aka kelp) grown by regenerative ocean farmers in Alaska.

TASTING NOTES: Oceanic * Earthy * Nutty * Umami

Net weight: 1.5 oz (43 g)