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Each Vineyard Animal Pajama Set is made from the softest organic cotton and celebrates an animal found in wine country that is not only cute, but also plays a role in keeping the vineyards healthy.  Alex The Owl swoops down from the sky to scare away the rodents that try to steal the grapes. Owls like to eat the gophers that can dig lots of holes and make tending to the vineyards dangerous. Many wineries install owl boxes that create a warm and dry home for owls to nest and have their babies!

Each pajama set comes packaged in a cotton pouch with a picture of the Vineyard Animal on the front, along with a short story about how each animal helps out amongst the grape rows. The cotton pouch can be reused to pack diapers or toys on the go!

  • Alex The Owl has an outline of an owl on the long-sleeve shirt and the pants are in gray tones.

Design by Olive and Poppy

  • 100% Organic Cotton, Jersey Ribbed
  • Easy care, machine wash and tumble dry
  • Snug fit, close fitting garments are less likely to catch fire so this style is designed to fit snugly, not flame resistant