Wine Forest Candy Cap Mushroom Tincture - 2oz

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A stunning product and addition to the mixologist repertoire-- This stuff is the real deal, and so delicious. Makes a tremendously tasty Old Fashioned. Wine Forest foods has been promoting wild foraged mushrooms and natural foods since the early 80's- they are the oldest wild foods company in the U.S. and work with chefs like Thomas Keller, Michael Mina, Cory Lee, Traci De Jardins and so many more. 

Lactarius rubidus, origin: Northern California, and non-GMO alcohol, 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.

The rare and sought-after wild Candy Cap mushroom is legendary for its haunting maple flavor.

Bring the distinctive, subtle umami-rich tones of maple to your cocktails and baked goods with this tincture / extract made with the extraordinary Wild Candy Cap Mushroom.

Suggested Uses:

  • Add to cocktails to enhance the naturally complex warm flavors in the best bourbon  and rye whiskeys.
  • Savor candy cap maple flavor without too much sweetness.
  • Whip into fresh cream for natural maple deliciousness.
  • Compliment toasty, nutty flavors of butter in your baked goods with a touch of maple.

2oz available- it is the smaller bottle pictured.