Timeless Muses & Sustainable Gift Baskets

It’s time to roll out a waggish Juniper Station sustainable gift guide. Gift basket edit. I created six baskets ranging in price from $175 to $275. Of course, there’s room for budget adjustments and editing - these eco-chic bundles are simply a diving off point. 

I pulled inspiration for the baskets from famous artists and personalities over the years. Gifting is an art, so why would we not call on the muses? 

Shopping for your shy writer friend with an impeccable eye for fashion? Gotchu. Your hopeless romantic auntie who spends all of her time in the garden with a book and cups of tea? Got her, too.

If a particular basket doesn’t include an item that will act as the basket (the thing that holds the beautiful things), you may assume that I suggest you thrift a basket in which to arrange your beautiful things. (Thrifting baskets is an immense delight. You’ll be shocked at the beauty out there if you’re not already up on this hobby.)

So here it is, a gifty nod to some classic celebs whose wicked good taste we still pull tricks from.

The Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell Gift Basket 

The Joan Didion Gift Basket 

The Jane Birkin Gift Basket 

The Mary Oliver Gift Basket 

The Ernest Hemingway Gift Basket 

The Jane Austen Gift Basket 

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash