DIY Bath Salts

I love a long soak, but I haven’t always. When I was a kid, I couldn’t understand the adult obsession with bath-taking. So luxurious, so relaxing…excuse me? So BORING. At least once I got past the point of squeaky toys and action figures bobbing around my knobby knees. I thought, It’s actually not that easy to read a book in the tub. And sometimes I overheat and get all sweaty. Don’t love that. So what’s all the fuss about?? I was a shower girl through and through.

Then I had kids. I was suddenly submerged in the art of the bath, the grand, velvet curtain pulled back on the essence of the thing. And I realized why I didn’t get it before. I had to be really tired to enjoy a bath, I had to NEED a break, I had to cherish silence and stillness, the little swishing sound of the water when I pull my fingers over the surface of the molecules. And, for me, I didn’t reach my full exhaustion potential pre-kids. I didn’t know real tired. But now I do. (I’ve gotten past the other hang ups as well. Bring on the heat - I love a good sweat. Who cares if your book gets some water droplets on it? Nothing escapes entropy.) 

I am picky about my bathing routine, though. Bath salts are a must. I don’t want bubbles. I don’t want a bomb (bath variety, or otherwise). I want salts that buoy my body and spirit. And the good ones actually do. Have you ever felt your arms rising to the surface of the water involuntarily? I have. It’s actual magic. I don’t always keep bath salts stocked, though, which is a shame. But I’m a gal on a budget. Luxurious bath items only make the cut a few treat-yoself times of year. On-the-reg bath salts from my favorite makers are a someday goal…you feel me? However, I have good news. Making your own bath salts is a good time, easy, and gratifying. Skip the purchase, skip the packaging, and roll up your sleeves. Let’s bath-craft.

What do we need? First, salts: coarse sea salt + epsom salt (2:1 parts), to soothe your skin and muscles. Second, baking soda (1 part). It will add a lovely softness to the water and make your skin happy. Third, to oil or not to oil? You can add an oil to your bath salts for an additional skin soother/softener (a Tbsp or 2). I’m a dry skin person, so I’m all about the oils…coconut, jojoba…different varieties agree with different people. However, adding some oils to your concoction will decrease its shelf life. Just something to consider. Fourth ingredient: essential oils (a few drops, or more!). What’s your unique scent profile? Mine is: sandalwood, jasmine, and frankincense for winter, and tea tree and grapefruit for summer. And the fifth and final (and loveliest): dried herbs and petals. Because beauty is nurturing, and gathering dried herbs and petals from the garden is a witchy joy on its own.

Our DIY bath salts will last 6 months to 2 years, depending on oil usage, when stored in upcycled, airtight jars or containers. I’d use something transparent so you can enjoy the aesthetics of their sitting on your bathroom shelf. Also, seeing them there will serve as a gentle reminder to slow down and slip into some self-love. Pour 1-2 cups into a warm, clean bath, and submerge. It’ll feel even better knowing that you brewed it. Bath salts also make beautiful (and useful) gifts and party favors. Little work, big impression. So spread the clean, sustainable, DIY self-loveliness!

Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash